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Yesterday night i did a report with some high ranks using hacks.My 3reports has been disappeared from the section cheats and hacks. It has some other reports with locked.What i ask is
1) My reports disappeared = no ban ?
2) For example i didnt wrote time/date and i didnt upload screenshots in each report. Now, the videos on my reports seem they hacking some of them clear and one guy little difficult to understand .Because i didnt wrote the time/date and not screenshots my report fails?
3) I dont know,but now how much time needs those unfairs to get ban?

What i did i mean the reports i know they hacking 100% because i before one week the max i killing them very easily and now become all of them gods.I know its your final disicion and its difficult to ban high ranks but they hacking and two of them seem clearly. I play rattlesnake with those players SnD cw or public snd and they didnt know how to spot and now they became all pro uncovered with light speed aimers. I do this because i want to reduce hackers in CA to be again #makecagreatagain.

I hope i did right.I am waiting your answer
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    All reports "disappear" at some time during the review process. Once you submit a report, it is no longer your concern, as any results would be strictly between a player and Nexon. In keeping with this policy, we do not answer report-related questions about bans, validity of evidence, etc.
    You really do need to follow the required guidelines when reporting. The requirements are not up for debate, and are necessary for our review of the report, so please be sure in the future to follow the posting rules. You can find them here:
    They are in a sticky post at the top of each reporting subforum, as well.

    If you have a question about correctly submitting a report, please feel free to send me a PM. I'm glad to assist the community in submitting proper reports :)
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    combat arms reloded all the ranked game inside it hacker 1 fly 1 no die wtf is happeng please all games GM should be onlIne and thx

    and your ugly game and if you dont banned the hackers i will kill u and why my accout banned and i did not do anythings and the hackers you don't banned thim woow nice keep going (keep dying} n000000000000000b gameee ez game mother game game idiots thx :)
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    banned the hackers at the ranked and ty