Modular backpack/1 Star gear licence (perm)

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The 1-star gear licence has one of the possible items it can be used as Modular Backpack. However as it is now an Epic tier item you cannot use the licence on it. Either the item description is wrong or the allowed list is wrong.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Get 1-Star Gear Licence (PERM)
2. Get Modular Backpack from Premium mystery case (7D)
3. Try to use them on each other

Possible item list:
Gear licence menu:


  • chimera100chimera100
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    I also wanted to do the same thing, but from the old combat arms to the new reloaded it has changed with rarity... Because 3-slot backpacks are Rare and so those with 4 slots have gone Epic
    We had to take it first but seeing it was a reward for the rank I wanted to wait... now it is lost :(
  • SFVarjoSFVarjo
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    I have a feeling that I could have used that licence if I had gotten a backpack that used to be 1-star but is now epic. The cases contain multiple listings for this same backpack that I assume are the former advanced, expert, etc. backpacks that got combined but are internally still separate. The same reason that the former custom guns can't be used on hardcore, internally there are still 100 variants for the same guns, they are just shown as same and if Nexon wants to do a change to one of them they still need to change the 99 others too or stuff like this happens.
    Would have liked to have a 4-slot backpack for fireteam, oh well...
  • AsinusAsinus
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    This should obviously either be working or be adjusted. I'll forward the issue and check back here if I hear anything! - Asinus