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Hey everyone!

A bit more than 2 weeks have passed since the release of Combat Arms: Reloaded and many of you have let us know what you think about the changes, some in a more reasonable way, some in a very upset way.
Change is always uncomfortable and we do understand that very well. With something bearing so much history and memories as a game you've been playing for years emotions are bound to rise high as well, we can also understand that.

To make sure everyone gets a chance to be heard and contribute to future changes in a meaningful way, we have created megathreads concerning specific aspects of the update.

Here you can talk about the interface.

Here you can talk about Ranked Matchmaking.

Here you can talk about the NA and AUS servers.

Here you can give broader and more unspecific feedback about several topics simultaneously.

Please do not create any more individual threads but check the existing ones for matching and similar discussions and follow up on those. This is a forum, a place for discussion, exchanging of thoughts and opinions, not a message board or even less so a clip board for everyone to pin a standalone opinion and then bugger off. Talk and interact - with moderators and other players alike.

We want to ask of you to stick to those megathreads in terms of feedback and demand for changes, so your feedback can easily be foilowed up on.

If you have a more specific matter to discuss or ask about, you are of course free to create a standalone thread still.

Combat Arms: Reloaded will not revert to any previous iteration of the game. We can apply future changes based on the current version, but we will not go back to the old interface.

Any unproductive and unspecific feedback about the update that is no actual feedback but just aimless ranting, like a demand to roll back to the old CA is subject to removal by moderators or will be closed from now on.

The same applies of course to posts violating the terms of use and rules of discussion you have agreed to when joining the forums. Lobbying other players to violate the service agreement will not be tolerated.

Let's make this forum a comfortable place for fruitful discussions again and get those Reloaded issues sorted out! :)

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