Re-buying a gun that just ran out

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ok here is one :)

one of my guns just ran out midgame (or at the start) so the slot was empty :(

after the game i saw it was still in my inventory with "less than 1 hour" left. Couldnt equip it because "Item dont exist" (sth like that)

so I bought it again, but now i have "2 of the same gun" and even if i click on "sealed" it shows "2 guns on top" and i cant unseal or equip because technically the one of the two doesnt exist anymore... probably resolved by relogging, but its a bit annoying that i cant just rebuy it straight away and continue playing.

(deleting, unsealing (option never shows) and equipping all not possible)

Error-code: 3-26


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    Thank you for the report! We are aware of the issue and are working on resolving it! - Asinus