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i went to the support and i sended a ticket reporting them,but they said to put here the report so ill put here what i have put in the support ticket:

[removed] were shooting my mines with no reason killing me more than 1 time in that game,here a video to prove what im saying:


in the video if you see the chat, [removed] says SUICIDE AGAIN HAHAHAHA,proving that he killed me more than 1 time :) (when he blows my mines and kill me he says that i suicided myself evey time)


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    This is not the report section.
    Naming & shaming is not allowed in this forum section...
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    We have a section here in the forums for User Reports. Please scroll down and you will see it. According to the forum rules you may not name and shame anywhere else in the forums, that means not posting evidence, not calling out specific players, etc.

    For Mineblowing, you would report in the "Griefing and Harassment" section.
    Please read the following topic carefully
    When making a report, you can't just post a video. You need to follow the format requested, and make sure all guidelines are met.
    This includes posting a screenshot taken by pressing Print Screen (not a Fraps screenshot or any other third-party program).
    ALL reports must contain a valid screenshot. No exceptions. We cannot take action on any report that does not meet all the requirements.

    This may help you format your report:
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