Great job, Nexon

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I want to thank Nexon for fixing the weapon modifications. One were able to buy the same Extended Magazine for more than one weapon, but this was changed for rentals. The rentals are gone, and now players can buy one mod with separate duration.

I also have this special video of me logging into my account I made prior to this one. That is the account in which I purchased NX on. I won't reveal too much, but players with true skill will enjoy it. There's even a little surprise at the end.
  1. Do you like these changes?9 votes
    1. Of course; now I can actually use more than two Extended Magazines!
       67% (6 votes)
    2. Shouldn't need a Transparent Vest to stay t h i c c
       33% (3 votes)


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    A little caveat to this, you can only buy multiples of the same modification if you leave them all sealed. Once unsealed, the shop will recognize that you've "acquired" that item, and won't let you purchase any more (until after it expires, if ever.)

    Learned this the hard way on my personal account... which is now doomed to having only 1 permanent extended magazine.
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    DarkHelmet wrote: »
    which is now doomed to having only 1 permanent extended magazine
    Well you can always sell it to lose the "acquired" tag and buy the desired number of magazines afterwards.
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    all i c dark is that they don't care its sad they hack I hope u looking in to it