GM Goes KABOOM (8.-10.9.2017)

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It’s really happening. This year, right now.
No, it’s not the Apocalypse.
Gameplay and respawns have not come to an end.
It’s not another Eclipse.
No one is in the dark, except perhaps in Cabin Fever.

Two hundred of our deadliest players can do the thing which most players like best - kill GMs.
And the best part - you get paid for it.
You read it right - annihilate your favorite GM and get an awesome gun as a reward!

From 8.9.2017 to 10.9.2017 hunt down a GM in a casual or ranked matchmaking game and kill them. Press Print Screen to take a screenshot. Post your screenshot and your exact IGN in this thread or in the designated Discord channel. If you are one of the first 200 players to do so, you will receive a permanent M4A1 Sopmod KABOOM.



You may only post once. However, feel free to kill the GMs as much as you like!

Only kills in matchmaking games, casual or hardcore, count as valid entries. Custom room kills will not be accepted.

All entries must be in screenshot form, taken by pressing Print Screen, and having a time stamp. No screenshots taken by Fraps or any other third party programs, or taken from a video will be accepted. The screenshot timestamp must show it was taken within the event time period.

Don’t forget to post your IGN with your screenshot. Please do not change your IGN until after the rewards have been sent out, or you may forfeit your prize.
If your IGN is not appropriate, or you are breaking the TOS in your screenshot, you will be disqualified.

The first two hundred players to post eligible entries will receive the reward. Rewards will be distributed after the event is concluded, at the next maintenance.


Gear up and get ready to increase your personal armory - send a little mayhem to your favorite GM.

Kill them.
You know you want to.

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