Nexon Launcher Still Doesn't Support Windows 10

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This is completely ridiculous. Windows 10 has been out for more than what, 3 years at this point? It is unacceptable that my launcher won't open purely because I have Windows 10 installed. I just want to play the game that I like and use the weapons that I spent money on WITHOUT having to restart my computer in clean mode, something that I'm not sure I'll even be able to do because I disabled secure boot to install drivers on Linux. This is completely stupid and Nexon are LYING if they say that they cannot fix this.

Edit: At least let me launch the game from it's installation folder again.


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    Dear PersonWithNoCommonSense.

    1. Combat Arms is working properly on all 3 systems that i own, and have windows 10 on.
    2. Either uninstall all apps that you run when CA starts, or enable them one by one two by two three by three, what ever suits you best
    Until you find the one that's stopping the game form executing properly, "if you think an app is interfering"

    Always add the game to the exclusion list inside of your AV which you can do by following the video below .

    Don't blame others for your own lack of knowledge.