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Inb4 the lock
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Overall handsome guy. Frequently abuses mod power and Cuban sandwiches.


  • _eTvShow
    can i ask u about my account banned reason?
    my IGN: _eTvShow
    i have spent more than 300$ on this game man
    September 12
  • RageFamily
    I Have one question dude , for you old ca was better or new ? i interesting ur things about this question plz answer me
    September 4
  • unreal44
    why does everything u say get locked like cc_fang u u lock what I say its funny
    August 13
  • unreal44
    ill be east caost this weekend
    August 5
  • NXEris
    You're my #1 GM!
    July 27
    • DarkHelmet
      You're my #1 reason why I drink. :)
  • tsruBi
    Where have you been amigo? :-)
    July 15
  • unreal44
    u need soom moonshine rofl
    June 23
  • unreal44
    DarkHelmet wups wid the severs
    June 23
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  • xSuBzErOx
    Welcome! bb4lyfe
    March 27
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