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  • Puma
    Can you look in hunting some time cheats and hacks going on in there and thats not just one . all starting wit 24 Hours playing over and over just watchted them 2 games and same guys both game with the high hours .
    July 9
  • Puma
    why you do not shut down the server for Maintance ? No one can play all name WWWWWWWWWWWWWW and 112 Billion GP And CIC5
    July 1
  • Bullletz
    i need your assistance with something urgently
    June 28
  • unreal44
    i hope the updates work
    June 23
  • NXEris
    You're my #1 GM!

    June 22
  • SeLeC7oNN
    xeD_mileniuM 2 days banned ????????
    June 18
  • bruno72400

    name room bannable ? look screen pls

    June 14
  • sky72
    beta 4 klan kurup arkadaşı klana alma nasıl oluyor anlamadım biraz karışık olmuş çok detay var...
    June 11
  • xCmnte_Packx
    Hi GM-Asinus i have some question about Rewards beta can u answer me ? I posted my questions in this link
    June 10
  • eviatar5142
      >:) <3 o:) B) :| :/
    June 7
  • eviatar5142
      • :o :) :D :( :D :)
    June 7
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    June 1
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    May 29
  • GoldentiiM3_
    bro what i have to do i can ask someone of nexon why i derank? please tell me to who i have to going say it ?
    May 22
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    April 20
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