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Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward


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    August 12
  • jordan407ca
    lol there are many like Lansers and they already caused a severe damage to the game. People in CA's headquarter have no clue about them. They are busy in fixing some holes in Reload. I believe it is already too late to take any action. They had enough time to do so. If Nexon knew about Lansers in 2009 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 or 17, CA would be in a good shape today. However, Nexon got confused and started nerfing, removing, adding, banning without getting any positive results.

    The problem that Nexon never considered and brought to the table was Lansers, not CA classic. Sadly CA classic paid a high price for that.

    I am not sure how much longer gonna take them till realize that..
    July 19
    • Plissken79
      well, I found another one today

      Yes I know that there are many as Lansers, but what I noticed is that a lot of people is complaining about cheaters but seems i'm the only one who is reporting them (yesterday there were 8 or 9 reports for hack, 4 were mine - I'm so unlucky or what?)

      anyway i'm something tired to login to see how many hackers I'll met.... and the sad thing is not only the cheaters, but the trolls that do nothing to kick them from the match
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    July 7
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  • m4rvack
    ciaoooooo ma che cavolo hanno combinato ??? un nuovo forum ??? e quello in italiano ??? -.-'
    October 23, 2016
    • Plissken79
      Eilá!! ^^
      ahahaha si hanno fatto un forum nuovo e hanno pensato "bene" di eliminare il ns forum italiano.... ora le uniche lingue ammesse in forum è l'inglese (oppure tedesco e turco nelle "loro" sezioni).
      Se vogliamo esprimere qualche pensiero dobbiamo fare sfoggio del ns inglese!!! ^^ :p
    • unreal44
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  • Estoico
    August 15, 2016
  • AerqnoZ
    like my page, thanks )
    August 14, 2016
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