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  • Insurenyc
    RİP CAE RİP QR RİP Insurenyc.
    September 8
  • skymancer
    thanks for destroyed the free run style in QR !!!!!!!!!!! :(
    September 8
  • NXCoyote earned the First Year badge.
    You have been a registered member for an entire year!
    August 23
  • Rav279
    Can you report Squirt Gun dissapear and Nemexis badges from event dissapear too???
    My Squirt Gun for Basic Weapon Mystery Box gifted fromNexon in "Event Login" for permament expired when i had it on permament only.
    And Nexon Badges for loging in everyday dissapear too and which i should have 13th i had only few.
    And all things happend in one week from 5th to 11th of July.
    WHat is going on with NEXON???
    July 12
  • Ciucevich
    so question will nexon be bringing back a north america server because right now the match making system sucks i keep getting low ping because i live in north america and have to ping to a server in europe. please let me know if i should wait this out or find a new game because i cant play with the constent lag
    July 11
  • mexicountalexisxd123
    Because I am banned, I have not used any illegal program, I demand my answer.

    July 3
  • Puma
    Shut down server for Maintance its not working any way and there changed name to CIC5 wwwwwwwwwwwwww and 112 Billion GP Do something please
    July 1
  • unreal44
    what lie u saying anymore tell us
    June 24
  • Dzentlm3N
    Dear Coyote,what I am most interested in the sea newspaper, when will back EliteM because it really isn't fair that they get old players and the new aren't, and while you're making a game that will be equal for all ???
    June 20
  • sametkaplan2958
    Dearest Coyote, I have done all the duties of the shark activity.
    However, I did not get the ghost shark mask.
    Please help me?
    Love oLd_LiFe

    Fireteam Under Shark Attack
    31.5. – 13.6.2017

    Complete at least 1 match in ALL Fireteam maps between 31.5. and 13.6. 2017 and you will get exclusive permanent Ghost Shark Goggles!
    June 16
  • ToXicaL
    HI iam combat arms player but when i log in it shows me this message Login failed because more than one ip adress was used during the login process check if you are using multiple network adapters,vpn,or proxies
    June 8
  • keskin_0945
    NXCOYOTE Merhaba, Combat Arms Oynuyoruz Bazi Oyun Bilmiyen Oyuncular Gidip Hile ( Hack ) Aciyorlar Ve Guzel Oynuyan Oyuncular'a Hack Diyorlar Hack Kullanan Oyuncularin Geregini Yapilmasini Arz Ederim . Combat Arms Eu %60 Hacker ve ayrica Macro Ve Benzeri Programlar Kullaniliyor ve bir odada en az 2 hack bulunuyor ve combat arms ekibi hack konusuna bir cozum bulamiyor.
    June 5
  • Bluenight
    öncelikle selamlar nexon 2014 ten belli oynadığım hesap Gen oldu ama bu gün bir girdim hesap 2Lt ye düşmüş bunun sebebini öğrenmek istiyorum hesapta Xp Ve GP düşürülmüş bunun sebebini öğrenmek istiyorum ismim Blue-Night- Saygılarımla Nexon Bence Daha Fazla oyuncu kaybetmeyin... Ve rütbeler takrardan düzelecekmi? bir bilgi vermelisiniz 6M xp 2.500m Gp gitti lütfen gelecekse haber edin lütfen getirin rütbelerimizi :( :(
    May 26
  • Bluenight
    Merhaba , Öncelikle iyi çalışmalar .
    Biz suçsuz yere cezalandırıldık , Suçsuz yere rütbelerimiz alındı .
    Ve bu yüzden çok oyuncu zaiyatı yaşandı. Daha çok oyuncu zaiyatı yaşamak istemiyorsanız af olarak rütbeleri geri verin.
    Yok vermem derseniz çoğu kişi oyunu bırakır. Ve bu durumu hoş karşılamazsınız.
    Lunar Labaratuvar odalarını 30 dakikaya kısıtlamanız daha mantıklıydı ve oyuncu zaiyatı yaşamazdınız.
    Bizim sorunumuza çare veya af gibi birşey gelmezse biz toplu olarak oyunu bırakmayı düşünüyoruz.
    Yani geri kalan herkesinde oyunu bırakması için elimizden geleni yaparız.
    Bu durum hiç hoş değildi. Bizi anladığınız için teşekkürler. Lütfen Daha fazla kullanıcı kaybetmeden Açın cevaplarınızı bekliyoruz saygılarımla <3 :( .........
    May 26
  • xHelp
  • OmarWaheed
    Hi i want to know if the spec will be available in the shop or not ???
    May 3
  • HiMen
    rest in biece bro
    April 21
  • Japkratos
    Hi there! How are you?
    I was just wondering if the Home Game Master (French) job is still available. I've already sent my application for the LCS (Freelancer) for French also. By the way, I live in Berlin.
    Thanks in advance and I hope hearing from you soon!
    March 29
  • afdsfasdf243
    Why my account is forbidden I did not use the trick please remove this block immediately Nick:1kedis2mi7m
    March 22
  • AngryTeyze
    Hey bro i got problems , All elite's kicked we in room and we are can't play Plase give to we Normal elite plase . İ waiting you
    March 16
  • yinon_amedy
    please make more people play PCM i love this mode but not a lot of people play it do an exp event or something please i really want people playing PCM its the last hope of the game so dont push it aside thank you.
    March 13
  • FisherMoya_3
    Hello please I need a super beta key excited about the upgrade! Come on I've been playing for eight years and it's great to see nexon you still support this game is my favorite I'm a dominican republic my dream is to go the nexon company know more to you us the dominiano wants a recon vest good look the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/357914067881913/?fref=ts
    Hello, how are you, I have a question all the prizes of the beta everything I have Permanent in the beta account all that I will give I have a lot of things Permanent
    March 8
  • CalistheniiX
    Hey NXCoyote , As I can say this beta is the best Free to play FPS game , by comunity play and graphic page , Well done , If I can Ask ? What about new recoil , is it bug or something like that ? Because its awesome , aiming of these guns is very amazing , keep it like that and the game will be great !! Sincerely CalistheniiX
    March 8
  • kakashi12
    How to report a hack?
    March 3
  • Kajtjuhhh
    Hi NXCoyote, i heard of the AFK gamers that won't get any rewards? just wanted to ask if ur gonna base it on kd? Because even tho i played very much games (i had holiday) my kd is very shitty cus the new graphics dont work for me very well. Can you let me know about this? Thank you very much!
    March 3
    • CalistheniiX
      You can also use the old version of engine bruh , just switch it in Options :) You can choose Version 1 or 2
    hi nx coyote ) I have to talk about this game I love it for a lifetime, but I do not understand why from 2016 to this or have seen it in pro eli especially lunar labs or noticed that you can not play more in the sense many players abusers in this way are all afk the duration of the game by making use of powerliwing only in this game or seen these things in other games we have fun shooting the adversary not being afk the duration of macht eg take more exp and legal or illegal this thing in this game? because if and so this game is dead and if this legal abuse. let me know on this topic thank you very much)
    March 1
  • Justiceeeee
    March 1
  • yinon_amedy
    the beta is good but we cant play any maches.
    everybody is afk and they put a rock or something on w or any key that does anything so they dont get kicked.
    pls do something nexon and fast.
    they do it because the reword.
    March 1
  • Uwaai
    February 28
  • Akiochan
    i wish you answer me

    in website they say:

    Ranked Matches
    50 Matches or more: 1-Star Weapon License (Permanent)

    Normal Match
    101 – 200 Matches: 1-Star Gear License (Permanent)

    So i playes 56 Ranked games & 106 normal games
    i will get 1 weaon license and 1 gear license

    because all players do 41+ ranked and 201 normal
    February 28