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  • Little event question

    Hi @Aethelwyna ,

    Yes, ON the day of the Halloween, if you complete 13 matches, you will receive the Perm witch hat. <3
  • about the new event

    Hi @netfight & @__ReLoaD_

    Basically, you have to complete the normal Matchmaking.
    This is the no custom, normal matchmaking you see when you first press PLAY button on the homescreen.
    Then you will see the Mode selection: Elimination and One Man Army.
    If you complete 9 Matches in both modes then you will receive the reward next week.
    I hope this helps <3
    netfight wrote: »
    Play and complete 9 games in each matchmaking mode (Eli MM & OMA MM) between 10.18.2017 and 11.7.2017 and earn 2 Premium Weapon Mystery Boxes AND 2 Premium Gear Mystery Boxes !

    which game is it Eli MM & OMA MM) or map ?
    pls help
    Could someone answer this? I returned play CA after a break and I don‘t know the new HUD etc. So where can I find this 2 game modes which I need to play to receive the mystery boxes?

    Greetings and thanks.

  • Halloween 2017 sale?

    @Vincee ,

    we are currently waiting for the confirmation of events. there are restrictions on our part due to the migration process. And there will be events posted tomorrow. Sorry to make you wait on this and thank you for being patient <3
  • can't log-in

    The maintenance has been completed and the connection issue has been resolved. Thank you for your patience, we truly appreciate it. <3
  • Valofe Migration

    dev1 wrote: »
    I was going to transfer an account across today when I noticed a little box come up that said "This site is not secure.....etc".

    Really? If this Valofe Migration site is not secure, what guarantees do we have that some scum bag hacker can't access it? Do you really think it wise to get people to move accounts across to a non-secured site? This is ridiculous. Valofe AND Nexon need to make the site secure and give assurances that it will be safe to migrate.
    Hi dev1, sorry to hear that you had a security issue. However no one on our side has seen such pop up and therefore cannot help you with that. It could be because your security setting is set on high. But then again, I am not quite sure and am very sorry that I cannot help you out with that.
    CodeSixx wrote: »
    I cannot get the verification email sent to me.

    Hi CodeSixx, I tested this myself and I was able to get the verification email. But some users had to add the email address below in order to receive it.
    Radar__ wrote: »
    Sup ppl, adding no-reply@valofe.com to my gmail contacts helped me get the verification email. <3

    I hope this helps <3